Let me live in this fantasy for a little bit more.

The fantasy that seems too far to reach,
yet too close to not to.

What Do You Mean?

Whatever you mean by this, it made me smile for weeks!

The Eleanor in Me

I wish you'll never go,
But I know we can't make it too.

Mata bengkak.

That moment bila kau stress sangat tapi tak tahu nak ngadu dekat siapa.

Sebab takut kau akan ganggu life dia,
Takut dia annoyed dengan kau,
Takut orang tahu kau sebenarnya tak kuat mana pun,
But mostly takut orang... takut manusia.

Need somebody,
But too scared to say it.


"Kau patut jumpa orang. Risau aku dengan kau ni"

"You should go out meet people. Real people."

I'm scared of people. I scare people away.

"90% of people are nice, don't be."
"And smile more. Your smile is infectious. Look what you did to me."

The thing is, I lived this way, this introvert way for 23 years. I can't change drastically. And like you said, "Let it comes naturally."

Starry Night.

Spent a solid 15 minutes staring at the sky last night.
Made me think why th I stopped hanging out outside my house at night.
And made me realize, that it would be better if
I have someone to share the view with.